The Inclusive Interaction

The Inclusive Interaction

3-9 December 2015 | 10 am – 7pm
National Stadium Gate 22

Inclusive Strongman Boot Camps . Sports Tryout .
The Disability Experience

The Inclusive Interaction is an initiative by ActiveSG and Society Staples to foster interaction and integration opportunities between society and Persons with Disabilites (PwDs) through a series of the APG Experience Tour Stations as follows :

Inclusive Strongman Fitness Boot Camps | Adaptive Sports Tryout Stations
The Disability Experience

  1. (I) Inclusive Strongman Fitness Boot Camps [Special Mass Boot Camp Sessions]
  2. The Inclusive Interaction

    Special Sessions on 5 December 2015, 5pm
    6 December 2015, 10am and 5pm

    Both public participants and PwDs will go through an exciting 90min session having fun flipping tyres, running with sandbags, performing log presses, pulling/pushing sled and doing the farmers’ walk. Pre-registration for these special sessions is required

  3. Inclusive Strongman Challenge : Atlas Stone / Tyre Flip / Farmers Walk / Sled Push / Log Press / Car Pull
  4. The Disability Experience
    • The Inclusive Interaction - The Disability Experience
      • "In Your Shoes" : Experience Visual Impairment
      • 20-30 mins per session of 20pax per group

        Have a glimpse of the world of the visually-impaired through engaging and delightful activities by experiencing being a guide for the visually-impaired and being a visually-impaired person yourself.

      • "Row, Row, Row" : Adaptive Rowing
      • Adaptive rowing is rowing for people with disabilities. It is one of the most inclusive sports. This sport can be modified and adapted to people with varied gifts and abilities. Try our indoor rowers with a fixed seat adaptation.

Open from 3-9 Dec 2015, 10am-7pm, except 5 Dec 2015 (open from 2pm onwards due to SCMS Kids Dash).

The Inclusive Interaction - The Disability Experience




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