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by Gayathri Govindaras | Published on:

The 8th ASEAN Para Games (APG) Opening Ceremony comprises a team of performers, volunteers, and Creative Team members, who have come together from all walks of life to ‘Celebrate the Extraordinary’.

With the active volunteers hearing out Mr Tan

Possessing an international portfolio of over 20-years of experience, Philip Tan, an award-winning and a critically-acclaimed Creative Director, is the mastermind of this year’s APG Opening and Closing Ceremony (OCC). 

Having worked with different groups of people such as cultural workers, individuals and  groups with disability, Philip Tan is not only the ideal choice of a Creative Director for the Opening Ceremony of a Games celebrating people of all abilities, but is also a well-respected Educator and Arts Community Leader armed with a wealth of experience across the industry to make him more than capable of taking on the roles of Composer, Surround Sound Designer, Visual and Performing Arts Consultant.

Mr Tan led key performances in the Opening of the Sports Hub in 2015 and 27th SEA Games Closing Ceremony 2013, among many other notable and acclaimed works which includes running programmes for welfare organisations such as Chao Yang Special School and AWWA, to having a helping hand in putting up performances involving the disabled for National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Thye Hua Kwan (THK) and Community Chest Fundraising with Mediacorp since 2004. Supporting him is a more than capable team with the likes of Pua Jin Wen the Movement Director, Dr Tan Kai Syng the Visual Director, Airik Ng the Props Director, Moe Kassim the Costume Director, Suven Chan the Lighting Director, Genevieve Peck the Chief Associate Visual Director and other Associates such as Lui Chee Chau, Marc Brandon Hor, Bertrand Lee, Amelia Jaishree, Timothy Chan, Kleopatra Korai, Michael Larsson, Justin Heng and Yan Tuck Hong.

In one of the short films regarding volunteerism taken to promote the APG Opening Ceremony, Mr Tan said that one of the agendas was to showcase what the disabled people can do and achieve. "There is a chance for authentic learning so that means the students, and the participants get a chance to actually work with people with disabilities and together come up with something beautiful at the end of the day,” he added about his opinion of volunteers’ experience in this 8th APG.

“We hope that through the Games, we’ll somehow be a game changer so that the rest of the ASEAN countries can perhaps follow what we’ve done for these games so that the next ASEAN Para Games will be something very different,” said Mr Tan.

Show your support for Philip Tan and his team and their hard work put in over the last 2 years by getting your tickets for the APG Opening Ceremony happening on 3 December 2015!

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