The Power of Photography

by Gayathri Govindaras | Published on:

Preparing himself for the photo shoot of our Athletes

Being a former athlete himself, watching athletes push themselves beyond their limits has been a remarkable experience for Tuck Hong.  He wishes to change existing perceptions of the disabled through his photos and videos, and to  place these champions of the Para Games  on par with their able-bodied counterparts. Being a great photographer takes a lot more than knowledge anyone would gain from photography school. While anyone can learn to take a great picture with the right equipment, not everyone can make the cut it in this intensely competitive industry.

Tuck Hong is a professional photographer that believes that all athletes, regardless of abilities, are classified as sportsmen. His  years of experience in Photography have brought him to be the Associate Visual Director for the 8th ASEAN Para Games (APG). His past high-profile clientele include Cake (theatre production), Esplanade, and Ministry of Trade and Industry. He is currently running his own wedding photography business as well.

When asked about how he feels to be part of APG, he said “I am honoured to be able to be involved in this shoot for the ASEAN Para Games.”

“I’ve seen what London Olympics have done, the way they express the pictures and they show that their para athletes are actually so powerful.  So I think we can do it for ASEAN to,” said Tuck Hong.

Photography is a powerful tool with the ability to change the way people perceive things.

Joining efforts with his other associates such as Timothy, Kleopatra, Michael, Justin and  others, Tuck Hong’s preparations for APG is now in full flow as he looks to give his best to deliver an extraordinary experience.

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