Be enthralled by dance virtuoso Luo Mang

by Joanne Tan for SAPGOC | Published on:

Luo Mang with NAFA DancersLuo Mang (in blue) with student dancers from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

15-year old Luo Mang will be stepping out onto the Singapore Indoor Stadium stage for the first time ever during the upcoming 8th ASEAN Para Games opening ceremony, where she will be performing a solo dance in a segment involving students from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

A winner of two accolades at the Hong Kong Autistic Talent Gala Competition 2014 - the Talent Award and the Best Visual Award – Luo Mang has found her niche in the arts, despite having been diagnosed with moderate autism when she was younger.

Her accomplishments were undoubtedly made possible by her family’s dedication to cultivating her artistic talents and their unwavering love for her, which spurs Luo Mang on to achieve her dreams.

“She has six performances in November and December. Each day, she goes to three different venues to rehearse and we take turns sending her around,” revealed Xu Zeying, mother of Luo Mang.

Luo Mang and FamilyLuo Mang (in blue) with her family

“As long as my child has any opportunity, be it performances or training camps, we would always fully support her. What’s more this [the APG opening ceremony] is such a large-scale performance, so we couldn’t ask for more.”

In hopes of providing Luo Mang with a well-rounded childhood and improving her interaction skills, her family arranged for her to take up dance, singing and swimming since the age of six.

“We realised that it was hard for her to shine academically, so we hoped to pave another path that she can take in future,” explained Luo Lan, Luo Mang’s elder sister, who also revealed that her sibling has achieved a Grade 5 Distinction certification in playing the piano.

“At least she is happier when learning music, and it also helps to calm her emotions,” Zeying concurred.

Besides working four days a week as a physician at a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, Zeying spends the rest of her time with her daughter.

“We attend classes together. Firstly, to let the rest of her classmates know that Luo Mang has a supportive mother that is always there for her. Secondly, I do so to give her confidence. During her learning process, we put in a lot of effort, ” she said.

However, Luo Mang’s family would not have it any other way, having witnessed how her hard work, coupled with their support, has brought about unique opportunities such as the chance to showcase her dance skills at the APG opening ceremony.

“The dancers from NAFA are sincere, friendly, and interact with her actively. I think it is very helpful for her because she lacks interaction skills. It’s also a chance for her to receive extra guidance to improve in dance,” Zeying shared.

Be enthralled by Luo Mang’s flowing dance moves at the 8th

ASEAN Para Games opening ceremony this 3rd December! Get your tickets here!

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