Showcasing the art and soul of the Para Games

by Peng You Xin | Published on:

candice puffingmuffinPhoto: Puffingmuffin

It didn’t take much persuasion to get local renowned illustrator Candice Phang, better known as PuffingMuffin, on board for an 8th ASEAN Para Games collaboration. Approached by APG sponsor Havas Media and Sport Singapore, she agreed, in a heartbeat, to create 15 adorable, social media-friendly illustrations bearing her signature style, for use in promoting the upcoming Games.

“I immediately voiced my interest because I'm very inspired by the para athletes, and 2015 ASEAN Para Games is held in Singapore! It's my way of showing my support for the event,” said the artist.

Like all creative processes, the journey to producing the endearing designs wasn’t a simple one. Spread out over a course of a few months, Candice spent a significant portion of that time familiarizing herself with the intricacies of each para sport contested at the APG, pouring over background research before coming up with the final look.

“The idea development was progressive, but governing concept was to create a fun piece that compels viewers to find out more about the sport and support the ASEAN Para Games,” explained Candice.

Once the concept was finalised, things moved quickly from there. Working closely with her copywriter, Candice fashioned 15 full-fledged illustrations within a month, all of which were attractively coloured and bore witty lines to engage audiences.

“I try to pick out their unique feature and consider how I can showcase the essence of each sport without focusing too much on the athletes' disability,” she said.

“The characters are inspired by the sportsmanship and strength of the para athletes, and the element of fun in each sport.”
A particular favourite of Candice was the illustration created for wheelchair basketball – the first of her creations for the APG series. Featuring a cute basketball on wheels, it provided a relatively accurate portrayal of the sport in a light-hearted and amusing manner.

Candice’s quirky illustrations will attempt to educate audiences in her own distinctively fun style. When asked what she hoped for her art to achieve, the illustrator emphasized a single objective.

“Through its positive notion and humour, I hope my art can generate more awareness and encourage them [audiences] to support the ASEAN Para Games,” says Candice.

Certainly for Candice, it has been a very meaningful experience and a rare chance to be able to do her part for the APG. She hoped to find the time to catch some of the inspirational APG athletes in action this December.

In the meantime, you can head over to the 8th ASEAN Para Games instagram account to have a look at Candice’s adorable artworks, released each day as a countdown of sorts to the opening ceremony. These illustrations will come together to form a delightful banner, so pay close attention to the APG instagram account to watch this unfold!

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