Student photographers impress in APG coverage

by Joanne Tan for SAPGOC | Published on:

Fuhua Primary School_at 14Nov OC rehearsalDon Chan (far left) with his students at work at 8th ASEAN Para Games Opening Ceremony rehearsal on 14 Nov 2015 at Delta Sport Centre

After picking up the Best Young Achievers Award at last year’s Kids Witness News programme, Fuhua Primary School recently embarked on a meaningful task for the 8th ASEAN Para Games (APG).

The institution’s InfoComm club has been capturing behind-the-scenes footage from the rehearsals for the APG opening ceremony, which will be featured on the Games website and Facebook page as well as the closing ceremony.

“We are always on the lookout for platforms where our students can showcase their multimedia skills and talents, or have a hands on experience of how it is like in the field,” Helmindra Kamal, teacher and InfoComm Technology coordinator at Fuhua, explained.

Helmindra Kamal_Fuhua Primary School teacher (InfoComm Technology coordinator)Helmindra Kamal, teacher and InfoComm Technology coordinator at Fuhua Primary School

“At the same time, for this particular event, it is a way for them to give back to the community.”

Apart from being present at rehearsals and capturing the required footage, the six Fuhua students attend regular training sessions, to ensure they are equipped with the skills and qualities required for their significant task.

“Firstly, it’s anticipation, because things are happening very fast, so they need to be very observant of things going on around them and have a good sense of their surroundings,” the school’s InfoComm media trainer and PixelCloud chief photographer Don Chan pointed out.

“Secondly it’s the [development of] speed that will help them to cover different angles, [and] that is where the teamwork comes in.”

As student Brian Lee attested, covering events such as the APG rehearsals has been all about thinking on his feet and staying focused. 

“I have learnt to work with my friends because movements happen and change very quickly, so I swapped positions with my friend to cover different angles as the hall is quite big,” he shared.

Fuhua Primary School Students review their work for the 8th ASEAN Para Games Ceremonies

“At first, I would fail when I wanted to take a certain shot, but I kept trying. When I finally got the right angle and succeeded in the shot, the sense of accomplishment is great,” revealed Brian’s teammate Lim Hong Wei.

Naturally, the products of their efforts are a source of pride for the young photographers and their trainers.

Student and aspiring filmmaker Tan Wei Heng described his favourite shot of the APG series: “There was a shot of a participant in total concentration, climbing up another participant’s shoulder. I spotted it and I tried to take it. It actually turned out well.”

“They go all out because they like what they are doing, not because we ask them to. The shots that they have taken are all nicely distributed with a variety of wide shots, close ups and mid shots, and they all look good,” Don stated, full of praise for his charges’ enthusiasm for this assignment.

Both Helmindra and Don have been delighted with the way their young team has approached their APG undertaking. They hope the experience will help the students become more versatile and develop the flair for becoming professional photographers or videographers in the future.

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